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I'm Matty Wander, welcome to my website! I'm a long-distance hiker & traveler that explores anywhere that takes the back-roads. Giving you an outlook on life of a backpacking minimalist and all the experiences that come with it. You'll get to see, what I see. The beautiful landscapes of the wilderness. To the big cities and small humble towns. Meeting all the interesting faces inhabiting the nooks and crannies of the world.

My Community


I hope to bring light into the Minimalist & Hiking community to the masses. Showing the people, despite what the news may tell you how awful the human race is. That the world is much closer &  kinder then you may think. Yes, even strangers. Young or old. Rich or poor. Can be made into the best of friends in the most unlikely of places. 

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Well! What are you waiting for?! Come along and join me on my quest. 

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