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Colorado Trail Thru-Hike 2019

Colorado Awaits Me

"It's been awhile since I've posted an update!" That should be the tagline for all my posts. However, I have BIG NEWS! This summer, On July 1st I'll take my first steps on Thru-Hiking the Colorado Trail, a 485 miles hike over looking the beautiful range of the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Durango.

I'm super stoked that the time is here! I'm flying out Thursday morning, landing in Denver in order to acclimate to the elevation change. I mean, right now I'm at 10ft above sea level, In Denver it's 5280ft. Of course, while my body is adjusting to the new oxygen cells to my body, I'll be hanging out with some old friends.

I'm going to seriously document majority of this trip, in order to create my own personal documentary on it. I'll be going through the oddly emotional, crazy physical, fun, and interesting aspects on this trail and Thru-Hiking in general. Feel free to leave comments and questions down below!

Be sure to Follow me on all social media platforms for a stream of content coming your way! I'll be doing lost of update videos, sharing photos, livestreams on Facebook and doing full detailed blogs on my website! So that I may answer them during a livestream or post, and maybe it will get slipped into the documentary" width="16"/>;).

Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

And as always, Wander On.


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